Success Stories

Be inspired by these remarkable stories of how people have turned their lives around with a little bit of support

Success stories

Dawid's Story

Knowing that Boston Recovery Pathways staff could speak my language made it easier to take the first step. I rang them. There was a compassionate voice at the other end of the phone, and I felt listened to and heard.

Mel's Story

Having lost her home and job due to alcohol, Mel regains her confidence through volunteering at Cafe Sobar, and has since become a paid member of staff.

Abby's story

"It keeps me busy, there's something to do every day..."

Andy's story

"I've been given this chance to turn things around and I'm not going to waste it."

Anthony's story

"I learnt a whole new way of looking at things."

Davina's Story

I had been an addict for 28 years, heroin, amphetamine, crack, tablets, and alcohol...basically everything going.

Mike's Story

Double Impact have to date been the foundation of my recovery from a lifetime of alcohol, solvent and in recent times, drug abuse.

Cara's Story

I have hope for the future at last, which is a big thing.

Graham's Story

I had become dependent on alcohol. I could not function, nor leave my house, I was socially isolated and living on benefits.

Dean's story

"The Academy has helped me to build my confidence and reduce my anxiety."

Jamie's story

"You have changed my life completely and I will be for ever grateful for this."

Jane's story

Jane was dependent on New Psychoactive Substance (‘Legal Highs’) and found herself homeless and struggling with her mental health.