Kate's story

I am Kate and I am proud to say that I am a recovering alcoholic. I have been drinking since I was 14 but it didn’t get to be a massive impact until 2 years ago.

Drinking was a huge part of my social life and it was a ‘normal’ feeling to still feel a bit drunk in the morning. I didn’t notice at first when the shakes started, I just knew they would stop when I had my first guzzle of wine.

When I finished work, to cut a long story short, I started drinking in secret. The secret totally engulfed me. I lost my job and my relationship and had to move away and start again. I tried to give up the drink on my own on many occasions but always went back to it. I turned my nose up when I was told that I needed help, how wrong I was! so, Boxing Day 2021, I had had enough. I had nothing left inside of me and I was tired of trying to fight this on my own.

Christmas and the New Year were gone and I reached out to Double Impact for help-it was the best move I ever made. Zoom meetings felt strange at first because I kept thinking it’s not for me but I logged on 3 times a week. I was really surprised how friendly everyone was and still are. It was nice to speak to people who got me and had a real understanding of how I was feeling. I was getting help and advice on how to deal with triggers-something simple like changing my route when I was walking the dog.

Double Impact has literally saved my life. I am 15 months into my recovery- the longest I’ve been without a drink and for the first time in long time, I am proud of myself. Double Impact has been the pinnacle of my recovery and I know without the continued support, I wouldn’t be this far into my journey.

I have got a good life and I am finally happy with a fantastic future ahead of me. I am training to be a Recovery Support Volunteer with Recovery Links so I can help others like myself. You can’t recover on your own but you can recover with the help of the invaluable services of Double Impact.

I would tell anyone who isn’t sure if it’s for them to log on, meet us and take it 1 day at a time.