Gill's story

I had moved from down south up to Gainsborough and struggled to settle in and meet people. I felt isolated and extremely depressed, but coming to Double Impact has been a lifeline for me and helped me to make a change.

I initially met my key worker at the Lincoln office and started engaging with the online peer support programme as well as coming to the occasional face to face group. Getting to Lincoln involves a bit of travel, so I was really pleased when Double Impact set up an office in Gainsborough as it makes it much easier for me as I only live down the road.

I attend 2 peer support groups in Gainsborough each week and I am so grateful for the support and encouragement I receive. I was never a group person before and I have really struggled with my confidence, but with my key worker’s support I am now a regular and enjoy listening to other people’s stories of recovery. It makes me feel less alone in the world.

Before I didn’t believe I could never break the cycle of drinking, but now with the support I am 12 weeks sober. This is the longest I have been able to do!!

I am feeling so much better about my future. I don’t feel tempted anymore and know I have somewhere to come to if I need to talk things through. I feel like I have learned lots of new coping skills and understand that having a routine is so important to keeping me on track and not dwelling on the past.

I am looking forward to getting back into work and having my driving licence back so I have more freedom. I want to improve my financial situation and save up some money so I can return back to Oxfordshire in a few years when my daughter is grown up and independent.