Julia's story

“I now have a better future than the past I have left behind. I want to experience challenges that will push me further and I can accept they will feel uncomfortable.”

I had gradually been creeping into addiction for the past couple of years without even noticing it. I told myself that I didn’t have a problem with alcohol, I just liked a glass of wine when I was relaxing on an evening. Like most addictions, my attention to details like the number of drinks I had and what time I started drinking didn’t hold my attention.

I told myself that I was drinking to numb the pain of an accident I had two years earlier at work, but when I look back It’s obvious it wasn’t the case!

I was signposted to Double Impact after completing a course with We Are With You. At this point, I had been sober and abstinent for 4 weeks. As far as I was concerned, I was out of the woods, I was free from alcohol, and didn’t need any help, right? WRONG!

What I didn’t realise at that point was that; yes, I’d had the strength to gradually reduce my alcohol consumption to zero, but did I have the necessary tools to maintain it? The simple answer to that question was NO.

Double Impact has given me those tools, not only through the many groups I have attended both online and face to face but through the friendships, knowledge and encouragement I have gained. I now feel empowered to maintain my sobriety and enjoy my newfound freedom.

If I had to recommend just one thing that has guided me on my journey it would be A.C.T. I cannot praise the profound effect it has had on my life enough.

Oddly enough, the most shocking thing I discovered in recovery was that I am an alcoholic and that I had previously relapsed. Sounds strange to admit that, but I truly thought “I had it under control.” I knew I was in control because I stopped drinking for 2 months when I was prescribed antidepressants. If that was the case, why did I start drinking again? That was a relapse!

I discovered that I would not be able to do this alone, even though I had managed to get sober before, without help. It took some time to understand that I needed to replace my negative addiction was some positivity in my life.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to take part in the mentoring course and this really started to turn my life around. I was grateful that I was part of a group of like-minded people from different backgrounds, all focused on one thing. Being able to give back some of what they had been given, whilst cheering on each other’s successes and supportive when things weren’t as bright.

I now have a better future than the past I have left behind. I want to experience challenges that will push me further and I can accept they will feel uncomfortable. But it isn’t a problem now, I know I’m not alone, and that it’s perfectly normal to feel anxious. I have the tools and knowledge to deal with most things life can throw in my direction. When I need help, I have Double Impact.