Mel's Story

My journey began in January, when I lost not only my job, but my home and business running a pub -  due to alcohol.

Through NRN, my recovery started and not before long I was gaining control. To the extent I was put in contact with New Pathways where my CV, interview techniques and other ways of returning to work were addressed.

Having found suitable housing, returning to work was still problematic. In a meeting over coffee at Cafe Sobar, we found out they were looking for volunteers.  After a few emails and a meeting I was offered a volunteering post.
This in itself, posed problems and questions. How could I return to hospitality, having spent almost 20 years doing so and part of the reason for my alcoholism?

So -  to my first shift, feeling nervous, excited and constantly thinking could/would this cause a relapse?  Talking to Jason and the rest of the staff helps put me at ease.

Although the nerves still show, I get the coffee to my first table without spilling too much. Embarrassed, I explain it's my first day. The customers are great, understanding and supportive. As the shift continues, my nerves abate. Laughing and joking with customers and staff, my confidence slowly creeps back, without the worries of alcohol. By the end of the shift I am on cloud nine. Not only have I returned to a job I like, I have conquered another demon and am looking forward to more shifts. As the weeks progress, so do I, knowing there is always someone to help or talk to, being supportive resulting in me feeling more like 'me'.

Thanks to Sobar, Double Impact, Jason and his team, my confidence is returning, doubts of meeting strangers and hiding socially having been dramatically reduced, allowing me to think about a future without alcohol.

For me that involves continued work at Sobar, where with time I will be the one supporting others, whilst continuing my recovery/training. With the hope of one day working for Framework/Double Impact.

As for now, getting to know the rest of the operation and expanding my skills set, including the scary coffee machine is pushing me forward to continue with my recovery!