Success Stories

Be inspired by these remarkable stories of how people have turned their lives around

Success stories

Graham's Story

I had become dependent on alcohol. I could not function, nor leave my house, I was socially isolated and living on benefits.

Dean's story

"The Academy has helped me to build my confidence and reduce my anxiety."

Jamie's story

"You have changed my life completely and I will be for ever grateful for this."

Jane's story

Jane was dependent on New Psychoactive Substance (‘Legal Highs’) and found herself homeless and struggling with her mental health.

Lu's story

"I am totally unrecognisable from the person that I was before I attended Double Impact."

Mark's story

"Up until I decided to join the Double Impact Academy, I felt that there were very few successful achievements in my life, and the things I had achieved weren’t really things to be proud of."

Shaun's story

"My experience with Double Impact has been a great journey, from being addicted to alcohol for more than 30 years to changing my life around and being sober for 5 years this year."