Davina's Story

I had been an addict for 28 years, heroin, amphetamine, crack, tablets, and alcohol...basically everything going.

I'd tried to get clean many times before & did do, but the main problem was staying clean. You see, when you get clean after many years of being trapped in addiction, it feels like your whole world has just ended because when it’s the only life you've ever known, it’s hard to know what to do when you try to change it.

I started going to Double Impact in October of 2019 after getting clean in the September after a friend in the same situation suggested it to me, & I thought "no...it’s not for me...there’s nothing they can do for me", etc...

But how wrong I was!  They helped build me back up again, gave me confidence, gave me something to look forward to, gave me focus & structure...& most of all, gave me the strength & confidence i needed to stay clean,& thanks to them, I’ve been clean for 19mths now!

The support there is 1st class, they make you feel welcome & human again, & I can't tell you how much it helps just knowing that you're not alone.  Just getting together with people who struggle with similar issues & talking through our problems with addiction etc. is SO important, it really is, it makes you see things clearly for the 1st time.