What does ‘recovery’ mean to you?
Published at 21-09-2020

To celebrate National Recovery Month, we’ve been asking the people we support what recovery means to them. Here’s what they said.

Stories of recovery in lockdown – Anonymous
Published at 07-09-2020

We’ve been asking you about your personal journeys whilst in lockdown. Here is what a student from Lincolnshire had to say…

Louise’s story
Published at 25-08-2020

It has been hard for everyone during this difficult time with lockdown and even harder for people who are in recovery, still trying to be abstinent and being away from their friends and family and some live alone, but some lucky enough to live with others.

Stories of recovery in lockdown - Anonymous
Published at 22-07-2020

The only way l can think to describe my life now is that I’ve come out of a cold, dark cave and discovered a bright new world.

Stories of recovery in lockdown – Richard's story
Published at 15-07-2020

My name is Richard, and I’ve been a volunteer with Double Impact for around seven months, including lockdown time, which I’ve learned I have to navigate differently to normal time. As the lockdown loomed I was a bit worried, but I felt quite confident in my recovery.

Stories of recovery in lockdown – Tracy
Published at 06-07-2020

My name is Tracy and I’m a Recovery Connector with Double Impact Nottingham. Our role is to introduce people to the various options within DI and the Nottingham Recovery Network that could help with your recovery and beyond.

Stories of recovery in lockdown – Albert
Published at 29-06-2020

Since being in lockdown my recovery has changed so much – I feel I am now connecting with a wider range of people by attending more groups on line. Listening to a wider range of people has opened up new ways of thinking and ideas to help with my recovery in ways of adapting to the present way of life we are in now.

Stories of recovery in lockdown – 'LW'
Published at 24-06-2020

During these uncertain times, I have embraced every challenge so far. I have very much carried on as normal with a healthy morning and evening routine. I have always, always been an avid fan of online recovery. It has always been able to fill in the gaps that occur on a day- to- day basis.

Stories of recovery in lockdown – Dorcas
Published at 22-06-2020

We have been asking the people we support about their recovery during lockdown, here is what Dorcas, one of our Recovery Connectors, had to say…

Stories of recovery in lockdown – Rich
Published at 11-06-2020

We’ve been asking the people we support about how they are managing their recovery during lockdown. Here’s what Rich had to say…

Partnership with TTK Confectionery recognised at East Midlands Charity Awards
Published at 11-06-2020

A successful partnership between Double Impact and award-winning business, The Treat Kitchen, has reached the final stages in the forthcoming East Midlands Charity Awards, in the Outstanding Charity Support category.

Nottinghamshire Academy Service receives Award from National Lottery Community Fund
Published at 04-05-2020

Double Impact’s Nottinghamshire Academy service, which supports people in recovery in Mansfield, Ashfield and beyond, has been awarded a grant of just under £40k which will allow it to continue to run for a further 6 months.