Why we exist

Drug and alcohol addiction affects people from all walks of life and the reasons behind it can be complex.  Research is now showing that in many cases it is a response to childhood trauma or difficult life events.  Our service users have often lost their home, their health, their job, family, friends, confidence and hope -  people can remain caught up in a vicious cycle of addiction, problems, shame and guilt .  Our experience of delivering local services and projects since 1998 has resulted in a passionate belief that addiction doesn't need to destroy lives -  with the right support at the right time, people can and do recover to become 'better than well', able to take up their place in society and be excellent citizens, parents, family members and employees.

By supporting individuals, we benefit the community; in turn, we rely on the community for our successes. You can make a difference as a business or employer through the power of partnership; as a donor or fundraiser to help us reach farther; or as a volunteer selflessly supporting our services.

How we help

Founded in Nottingham in 1998 (read more), Double Impact has been privileged to play a supporting role in the lives of our service users, who are the driving force behind everything we do. Working in Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire, we offer a unique service that deals with all the issues facing recovering people, helping to break the devastating cycle of addiction.

Double Impact has been quietly generating sustained and visible recovery from addiction for many years. Its commitment to working closely with service users and recovery networks to develop innovative responses to their needs is an approach which works. Clearly, Double Impact lives up to its name by delivering a huge impact, both on individuals' lives and on the communities in which they live.

Mark Gilman, Managing Director of Discovering Health and former Strategic Recovery Lead – Substance Misuse, Public Health England

Recovery is about moving forward in life: embracing new opportunities, making decisions, learning new skills and taking control so that lives are free from the negative and crippling effects of addiction. We remain humbled by the courage, determination, humour and mutual support demonstrated within our services on a daily basis. We hope and intend to fulfil this role for many more people, for many years to come.

See what our services users say about our work. 

What we do

Our services include:

  • educational groups
  • accredited courses to build self-esteem and employment skills
  • housing support
  • specialist debt advice
  • volunteering experiences
  • advice for family members, and
  • safe places for people to socialise and support each other. 

By enabling access to these vital tools, services and opportunities, our charity helps people suffering substance misuse to achieve the independence and wellbeing that come with a sustained recovery.

Our services continues to expand: find out more about where we work.