My name is Tracy and I’m a Recovery Connector with Double Impact Nottingham. Our role is to introduce people to the various options within DI and the Nottingham Recovery Network that could help with your recovery and beyond.

During lockdown I’ve been connecting weekly with my service users by phone as well as helping them to stay in touch with other people in our various online groups. A voice at the end of the telephone can be a lifeline for some; or a maybe a face on the Zoom app works for others!

I’ve listened to some amazing stories and smiled at funny ones; I’ve helped people to negotiate the new online world that we use to access recovery and empowered people to ask for what they need. I’ve shared my experiences and felt uplifted by others; that is why I love my job.

Another exciting part of recovery for me is achievement and I’ve recently been seeking to improve my group work skills by attending online Double Impact groups and hosting a Zoom drop-in session of my own (‘Something Else’) on Mondays at 12.30pm. This helps me to build confidence and strengthen my resilience for the future.

Double Impact is a really supportive community and the contact I have with the service really helps to keep me on track; I recommend anyone to check out what we provide; you will always find a listening ear.

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