During these uncertain times, I have embraced every challenge so far. I have very much carried on as normal with a healthy morning and evening routine. I have always, always been an avid fan of online recovery. It has always been able to fill in the gaps that occur on a day- to- day basis.

COVID 19 has allowed me to look at a much bigger picture and has encouraged me to develop these online connections, therefore I have been engaging in Zoom meetings that were introduced to me via Albert and Double Impact.  I have also started my volunteering by helping to support with online meetings and have been trying the odd fellowship one here and there.

I have used this time to really take a step back and investigate what support is out there. I have also joined the weekly meeting about online support and have been introduced to the Pinterest App which I must say I am finding very resourceful.

I have also felt part of a bigger Double Impact community, which I am very grateful for, and am really enjoying making and developing some wonderful relationships. I am just loving my life right now. I have never felt as connected as I do right now.


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