We have been asking the people we support about their recovery during lockdown, here is what Dorcas, one of our Recovery Connectors, had to say…

Around 3 months ago (I’ve lost track) the government announced the lockdown. I don’t think I’m alone in experiencing shock and subsequent grief that all of the best retail and coffee outlets would be closing indefinitely! Quite seriously, it quickly dawned on me that the routines I’d relied on so heavily would have to change. What would happen now? Would I start drinking and using again? Would I be able to see my children? Would I lose my job? There were massive implications. It turns out that quite the opposite has happened….

My role as a recovery connector means that I support clients to connect with services. This is something I’ve continued to do but weirdly, the people I’ve supported  are the very ones who’ve kept me connected. If I think too long and hard I’m likely to sit in a ball rocking but being able to connect with service users has given me focus and purpose and I feel inspired, encouraged and often humbled by the people I talk to. I don’t feel alone. I choose to keep connected to my tribe so to speak.

As for my children; as expected it was an uphill battle to see them and I endured the first month without them. To my surprise, despite their devastation at the prospect of lie-ins and marathon gaming sessions (and home schooling… pah!) the relationship between them has changed beyond belief. I couldn’t leave them alone in a room together prior to this and now they’re super happy and content in each others company (most of the time). So relationships have been strengthened by this lockdown.
The lockdown has reaffirmed my love of sobriety and I hope to be infectious in my belief that getting through this ordeal with a clear head is no mean feat but is more rewarding than anything else I can think of.


Please note that at the time of writing, my pledge to keep my favourite retailers afloat has been successful so far and I will support them for as long as is necessary. A selfless act I’m sure you’ll agree.

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