I have been attending We Are With You for about 2 years. I was asked if l wanted to attend Double Impact, I declined due to past experiences many years ago.

During lockdown my key worker Paul phoned and asked if he could pass my name onto the recovery team. I agreed, thinking that nothing would come of it .

However a day later l got a call from Sarah.  She introduced herself and a bit about her role.  She asked if she could ring again so that she could fill a form in with me .

She continued to call and gently encouraged me to do a Zoom meeting. Eventually,  after plucking up courage l decided to do it, not like it and that would be that, I’d tried.  At first attempt l couldn’t even get into the group as I’m a technophobe.  Sarah went through the process step by step and it worked.

The first group I did was ‘Recovery Now’, run by Sam . He was so welcoming, and extremely encouraging.  To my amazement I loved it and haven’t looked back.

I had a blip whilst Sarah was on leave, but I’d been contacted by Lisa in Sarah’s absence.  I did ‘Living Sober’ with Lisa the next day.  I felt guilty and a bit of a hypocrite. I txt Lisa afterwards.  I don’t really know what I expected, but it certainly wasn’t the wonderful message back which I got!  She also phoned me.  I learnt a lot that day, not only about the concept of Double Impact but she told me about how it works in real life.

To date,  I honestly have to say that this is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.  Never in my 57 years have I ever experienced such a feeling of belonging, support and understanding.  I can only imagine it’s what belonging to a normal family feels like.

Lisa, and in particular Sarah, have been my rock , not just in overcoming alcohol, but helping me in other parts of my life.

All the facilitators are such professionals.  I can’t thank everyone especially Sarah for that .  The only way l can think to describe my life now is that I’ve come out of a cold, dark cave and discovered a bright new world.

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