Since being in lockdown my recovery has changed so much –  I feel I am now connecting with a wider range of people by attending more groups on line. Listening to a wider range of people has opened up new ways of thinking and ideas to help with my recovery in ways of adapting to the present way of life we are in now.

I find myself able to take more things in, as I’m not rushing around trying to get from place to place! This is enabling me to explore in more depth things that will help me progress in my education, new ways of thinking and developing these ways into helping others.

Being in lockdown has also helped me connect with my family more –  spending important time re- connecting with them, doing video call quizzes and scavenger hunts around the house. This has built an even stronger bond.  I feel happy that I have found the fun that I have always put on the back burner!

This has opened my eyes to managing work and family in a better light and not just taking my family for granted, and it’s made me appreciate everything they do to support me, as I was always not so observant in the little things my wife and sons did to support me.

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