11th May 2018 marks the 20th anniversary of the charity.  This provides a great opportunity to celebrate what has been achieved during that time and to reflect on what still needs to change - including the ongoing need to break down stigma around drug and alcohol addiction.

Double Impact was the brainchild of a former addict who recognised the need for support around education and housing for people trying to recover (hence the ‘double impact’ of the name), and has grown to deliver services in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire.  It also runs a social enterprise, Café Sobar, which provides work experience and a safe place to socialise for people in recovery.

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Be a superhero and run for recovery

Our CEO Graham Miller has been with the charity since Day One, and for our  20th birthday year, has undertaken a huge personal challenge to run 20 half-marathons to raise awareness of Double Impact's work and to break down stigma around addictions. 

This amazing effort will culminate with him running the Robin Hood Half-Marathon on 28th September 2018.  We are looking for 20 (or more!) superheroes who are prepared to run with him and raise funds for the charity. 

Could this be you? 

Don’t worry -  we won’t ask you to dress up unless you really want to, however we will supply a Double Impact race t-shirt and help you set up a fundraising page. Up for it?  Please e-mail [email protected].

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Follow Graham

You can keep up to date with Graham's running challenge on Twitter at @DIRuns or read his latest blog  here...

Spirit of Recovery Awards 2018

We will be celebrating our service users' incredible achievements and reflecting on the history of the charity at a very special 'Spirit of Recovery Awards' on the birthday itself - this annual awards event is always very powerful, moving and uplifting and is attended by service users, staff and many organisations and public figures who support our work, so this should be a very special occasion. 

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Throughout the year our staff and service users will be involved in various fundraising and awareness building events including.....to find out more please click here....


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