It has been hard for everyone during this difficult time with lockdown and even harder for people who are in recovery, still trying to be abstinent and being away from their friends and family and some live alone, but some lucky enough to live with others. It is only me and my daughter and I personally have found it difficult so I cannot imagine what it is like if you are on your own and are going through personal problems and addiction.

Since I was with “We Are With You”, Double Impact has kind of become my second family. I cannot express the gratitude to everyone involved. The people who attend the groups are amazing, we all have different issues and come from different backgrounds but we are all the same.  No one understands properly until they have had to go into recovery themselves, family try to but it is so nice and comforting to know that during the week you can check what you have to do that day but make time to log on for a meeting.  Everyone supports each other.  It’s great listening to everyone else’s stories and giving advice also.

I really don’t think I would have managed without these zoom groups and I cannot thank you all enough and Sarah has been absolutely brilliant.  She rings me every day Monday to Friday to check in and it is so nice to know that someone cares and gets it.

After lockdown I personally think zoom meetings should continue alongside face to face, as it is nice to see people properly but getting into town, parking etc.  The zoom meetings, you are in your home environment and feel more comfortable about opening up about feelings and emotions or things that are going on in your day to day life.

There is not really much more to say apart from thank you, as I would not be where I am today if it was not for Double Impact and I am so grateful for that.


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