After a weekend off from running half marathons I felt strangely ready for the 4th of the 20 Half Marathons Challenge in just over a month. With the weather set fair and a very favourable cool-ish temperature of around 11 degrees, I was raring to go. Oh, and then I remembered that this would possibly be the hilliest challenge of the 20.

The Scenic One

Having run three of the biggest half marathons in the UK in Nottingham, Birmingham and Glasgow over the last month I always knew that this one would be very different. Known as the ‘Scenic One’, it has a reputation amongst runners for its hills and could be described as beautiful and brutal all in one sentence. The other scenes were straight out of the movies from Witches and Wizards to Hannibal Lecters, Ghosts and Ghouls it really was a scary Halloween Half Marathon. The comedy signs hidden in Clumber Park’s autumnal beauty certainly made me laugh especially “Overpronators Turn Left Here” – one for the runners.

Inspirational People

Suzanne – your 70 mile challenge has inspired me to keep going and thanks for your support on Twitter.  Nicki Love – on completing 63 full marathons in 63 days in Leicester on Saturday –  what an achievement. Not forgetting a special mention to my immediate family, my wife Ali and daughter Isla, for their support so far (and the homemade chocolate cakes – thank you Isla x).

Best Moments – The support I received from Alison (Sheffield Steel City Riders) at around 9.5 miles, asking about our work and the links to people with eating disorders. Really kept me going at a difficult stage of the run and helped enormously in getting another personal best at 1:43:55 !

Best Bling – The Worksop Halloween Half Marathon medal is the best I have seen to date –  ghoulishly great with the 13.1 miles written in blood.

So, next up it’s Holme Pierrepont on the 3rd of December followed closely by the Turkey Trot on the 10th in Keyworth, although I might have to squeeze in Tatton Park in November due to some scheduling clashes with family stuff next spring! I’ll keep you posted.

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