On a serious note … Something you don’t often see in an event like this is road rage or, more to the point, a car trying to plough through a huge field of runners in a half marathon. I think it must have been in the final mile or thereabouts that this person tried to get their car across the course. My heartfelt thanks goes out to the volunteer marshals who managed to prevent the driver from hitting any runners by standing directly in front of the moving car. The verbal abuse they endured in risking life and limb to protect us was completely outrageous. I hope they managed to get a note of the number plate and that the driver will receive a warranted visit from Merseyside Police. Thank you to the race supporters who loudly booed the driver.


Where better to Rock ‘N’ Roll than at the Liverpool Half Marathon. With live music around every corner the miles seem to pass by a little quicker, although this was not reflected in my finishing time.  At this point I am reminded of advice that I received on setting out on this challenge – “it’s about finishing lines not finishing times”. I have set a personal goal of running all 20 half marathons at sub 2 hour pace and with this being the slowest so far at 1:52:14. Not bad really having run 4 half marathons over 4 consecutive weeks. I particularly enjoyed ‘From Me To You’ by the tribute band playing on the balcony of Liverpool Town Hall, the guy outside the Cavern Club and his rendition of ‘Yellow Submarine’ accompanied by the runners, ‘Penny Lane’ being played on Penny Lane, the drummers on the hill and all the entertainment on the final stretch along the Mersey in ‘that heat’! Liverpool – you, your people, the race and of course the music, was magnificent. I will be back.

In doing these half marathons I always had a clear goal of reducing the stigma of addictions.  I am finding myself having countless conversations with people about addictions and there is a common phrase emerging. – “We all know someone who has had issues with drugs or alcohol”. If this is the message of the people, why do the media continually demonise addiction? Believe me no one wants their life destroyed by addiction and I have yet to meet someone who would make this a conscious choice. Perhaps it’s time for media organisations and journalists to have a positive view on the work of addiction charities, in the same way as other charities supporting healthcare.

Best Moments – I really liked the course with its mixture of city streets, lovely parks and of course the stunning River Mersey. Everyone joining in ‘Yellow Submarine’. The crowd booing That Driver and the brilliant sniffer dogs making light work of bag search.

Funniest Moment – Passing the late night (or more accurately early morning) revellers telling me that I was mad! I beg to differ.


We are still looking for people to run the Robin Hood Half Marathon in September. Would you like to join us and raise funds to support our work? E-mail us at grahammiller@doubleimpact.org.uk  or to find out more visit the charity partners’ info page on the marathon website. There is also the new ‘One Mile Challenge’ this year where you can also raise money for the Charity. More details on both events can be found here: http://www.robinhoodhalfmarathon.co.uk/

Thanks to our service users, The Treat Kitchen, Buckles Solicitors and other supporters who are already signed up to run alongside staff from Café Sobar and Double Impact.

If you would like to make a donation to the campaign please click here.

There are also a couple of brave individuals who are organising their own independent fundraising challenges in aid of Double Impact – see the links below to support these.

Gemma Grantham is doing a tandem skydive:

Charlotte Lynsey is doing a 20 mile hike between Nottingham and Mansfield:

If you want any information on any of these events please get in touch.


So – it’s 12 down and 8 to go. Feeling good that the 4 in 4 weeks worked. I have a little break now (13 days) before the Derby Half Marathon. I need to find a few races in July & August so if anyone has any suggestions please let me know. I’ll post some updates on Twitter for you to @DI_Recovery & @DI_Runs.

Thanks for reading.

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