I can’t quite believe that the first three of twenty half-marathons to celebrate our 20th Birthday are already over in twenty-two days!  I have to thank the huge crowds in warm and sunny Birmingham (is it really mid-October?) for getting me round.  Brum – you were so supportive and very loud, especially on the final hill in mile 13 – locally known as ‘Jelly Baby Hill’ as these are handed out in handfuls at the foot of the final climb to give you the last burst of energy needed to get over the line.

A day of Superheroes

You can’t help but feel that everyone is a hero on a day when over 20,000 people are running for charity. I certainly met a few – Batman & Robin, Wonder Woman (see below), Mick and Phil doing a marathon wheelchair race, ‘Big Dan’ & ‘Blind Dave’ to name a few. My personal choice of superheroes was the large group of spectators with the “TAP HERE FOR ENERGY” sign shouting “Hey look – that guy’s running for addiction!” followed by my biggest cheer of the day – which got me through the toughest part of the run.

Best Moment – Definitely the finishing line (what with mile 13 being all uphill)!  I had an absolute outpouring of emotion, followed by loads of support from other runners and the race volunteers. Thanks for looking out for me.

Strangest moments – Being asked by Wonder Woman on the train home what time I ran, and spotting someone at mile 10 running with a large Gin & Tonic (a sobering sight?)!

Funniest Moment – Having to dodge Mr Potato Head to get to the Water Station.

Could You Be Our Superhero?

Seeing thousands of people running for so many of the large charities reminded me of our own challenge to get people running for Double Impact and supporting people to recover from drug and alcohol addiction.  Don’t worry –  we won’t ask you to dress up unless you really want to, however we will supply a Double Impact race t-shirt and help you set up a fundraising page. Up for it?  Please e-mail me at

A special mention to Rob whom I met on the train on the way there and then spent most of the day with. Thanks for all the support!

If you would like to support Graham’s 20th anniversary fundraising campaign please click here.

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