Over the past two weeks Double Impact staff have pulled out all the stops to launch an online recovery network, to continue to support vulnerable people in recovering from addiction since lockdown conditions were imposed.

This means that participants in our services are already benefiting from a range of online Peer Support groups –   ten of these have already been set up, with more to follow; all service users also have the option of daily telephone or Zoom contact from a key worker.

More of our Academy groups and courses are being turned into webinars and if the current conditions continue, we will increase the amount and range of content available into more accessible formats.  Anyone who isn’t currently online has been posted a printed pack of resources to support their recovery and home learning.

Double Impact are gathering feedback to establish what the emerging needs are of the communities they support, to enable as many people as possible to access a full range of support.

The initial response has been overwhelmingly positive and has already proved to be a lifeline for many.

“Great, fantastic. Knowing that you’re all there” – Dave
“Loving zoom rooms-I am filling my boots with them now I have mastered the App” – Steve
“Get to talk to lots of people and feel connected” – Mark
“I like the phone calls and the Zoom idea is great-it’s made me feels loads better” – Gemma
“Still getting used to the technology but I will get there” – Grant
“I feel even more connected than I have done in previous months” – Paul

Isolation is a key aspect of addiction for many, and could pose a serious risk to those who are early on in their recoveries – this approach will enable us to continue to provide a vital service to those who rely on us for support across Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire.


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