This past Sunday saw the launch of a newly published book at Waterstones in Nottingham. Defining Moments: Stories from a Place of Recovery is an anthology of prose and poetry written by Double Impact beneficiaries and is the result of a creative writing project organised by the charity.

Participants were encouraged to develop their creative writing skills throughout a unique course supported by Double Impact staff. Many of those on the course said they learnt a lot and really enjoyed putting their newly-sharpened skills into practice – we hope they continue to write, especially as they can all now proudly say they are published authors!

This book contains some incredibly moving individual stories about recovery and the many paths people take towards it. One of the authors said it was nerve-wracking but extremely rewarding to be able to share some deeply personal moments.

Not only do we benefit from being able to read about these journeys of hope and healing, all proceeds from the sale of the book go directly to supporting Double Impact to continue to help others in their recovery journeys.

… My experience over the past year has saved my life. That the recovering druggies I was so reluctant to align myself with in the past have taught me to be brave and to be humble. They have supported me when I was too guarded and afraid to be honest with myself, and they have given me the strength to face each day with a fight. These people that society doesn’t want on its doorstep? They know that the odds will always be stacked against them on their journey through life. Yet despite this, they have given me the strength to look my partner in the eye again, and they have returned a lost mother to her home. Thanks to them I’m around to squeeze my kids that little bit tighter at night.

– Gemma F.

You can order Defining Moments now from the Global Wordsmiths website.

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