Great Scottish Run, Glasgow 01.10.2017


So, one full week into the challenge leading up to our 20th Birthday and already two half-marathons down. Glasgow was in stark contrast to Nottingham with heavy rain for most of the race - a real shock to the system, having spent the past 20 plus years in England and all of the last summer training in warm, dry conditions.

Challenging stigma

My emotions were running high as it was in Glasgow I grew up experiencing the impact of addiction on my family due to my late father's alcoholism.  Fortunately he got into recovery when I was thirteen, and remained sober for the last 30 years of his life, instilling in me the belief that people can recover - although sadly, as is too often the case, many do not.  As a child, I experienced the stigma of addiction in the playground with taunts of 'Your dad's an alky', being called on many occasions.  I want to continue to challenge this stigma, which sadly still persists, despite the great progress which has been made towards bringing the problem out into the open. 

I got a personal sense of how far things have come during the run, with people speaking to me all the way around the course and asking about the logos and slogans on my Double Impact running shirt.  Their support and kind encouragement was inspirational. 

 Best Moment - Glasgow's Rock Choir's rendition of 'Don't Stop Me Now' at the top of the first major hill, very up-lifting. Also a new personal best for the distance!

Strangest moment - 50 people upstairs on a Glasgow double-decker bus trying to get changed out of their wet running gear - including me - the definition of 'Steamy Windows'!

Looking forward it's Birmingham next on the 15th of October - a break of thirteen days which my legs definitely need. Thank you again for all your messages, support and good wishes. Two down -  eighteen to go! - Thank you for reading.


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