Join us at Café Sobar for a night of music, wonder and words from some of Nottingham's most talented artists. 

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Adam, Mark and Peter Nightingale take the stage to perform their works of abstract merriment, musical prowess and damn fine entertainment.

The Fighting Nightingales consists of two brothers and one father. Father Nightingale (Pete) is an experienced jazz drummer who plays a uniquely cannibalised, customised kit fashioned from the resurrected remains of dead and unwanted drums and cymbals. Brother Nightingale No.1 (Mark) is a master of the mysterious twelve-string Stick; part guitar, part bass, part laboratory of strange and exotic sounds. Brother Nightingale No.2 (Adam) has no obvious musical ability whatsoever, bringing instead eccentric spoken word storytelling to the table, scored to the music of Stick and drum. Together they form THE FIGHTING NIGHTINGALES. Join them for an evening of jazz, funk, progressive jazz/funk, chit chat and tall tales set to strange music. 

Over two sets THE FIGHTING NIGHTINGALES will take you on a trip no family band has taken you on since the Mansons.



Catch Just Jude playing her kora on the night. The kora is a west African bridge harp and is known for its captivating and angelic sounds.

Jude started to learn how to play the kora in 2011 whilst studying music in London. Ever since, she has been perusuing many opportunities to learn more about this beautiful instrument, and produced her first album 'Heartful Kora' in October last year. You can find JUST JUDE  on Facebook to find out about future performances, workshops and kora sales.


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