I’m generally on the road doing shows three or four days a week and that might be in the UK, Canada, Norway, Estonia, Denmark or even Latvia. That’s right, even Latvia.

I love the travelling side of comedy. Travel expands the mind and the senses and if you haven’t travelled you should. And if you have you should do it again. Here’s a list of senses you’ll notice blossom through travel.

Sense of Smell

You smell different when you travel. Specifically bad. Travelling makes you smell bad so wash your dirty stinky travel clothes. Eat food that won’t ruin your stomach. If you get in a tomato fight, take a shower after. If you live in a hostel cover yourself in clingfilm and spray air freshener in front of you with every step.

Sense of Sound

Your ears will pick up sounds that you’d never noticed before. For instance, often when travelling it can seem like Bob Marley is somehow playing everywhere, all the time.

Sense of Wonder

“Wow! Look how old that is! Oooooooo” or “Wow! Look how cheap this is! Oooooooo”. That’s you.

Sense of Self

You’ll realize things about yourself like “I am definitely not from here! Aaaaaaaahhhhh!” or “I hate travelling! Aaaaaaaahhh!”

Sense of Adventure

“What am I doing? I’d never do this at home! Nooooo but also yeeeesssss!” or “Other countries’ laws don’t count! Wait noooooo! This is a misunderstanding someone else must have put that contraband in my bag! Mommmmyyyyyyyy!”

Common Sense

“I didn’t pay attention to my surroundings until someone stole my backpack from under my seat in McDonalds! I’ve learned a life lessssoooooon!”

Sense of Style

“I’m going to wear sarongs forever! The bank will just have to deal with it.”


So please use this handy bunch as a check list of what to do when you’re on the road, because the one thing you have to remember when you’re travelling is this: Travel is all about you.

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